3 Things

3 things that assure me that the world is full of beauty?

Well, here is what I choose for TODAY!

3 photos: flowers in vase, cat, sunflower

–1) Ahhh! Flowers on the table at dinner! Wildflowers are gorgeous and I try to include them. I have favorite vases, but a simple glass babyfood jar is beautiful too. Don’t you think?

–2) My little darling kitty, Oreo. He is sweetness personified. He is also a great pillow for other cats. Every cat we’ve had loves to use his big fuzzy body as a giant pillow. He really is irresistible. And his name is Oreo! Who can resist a big fuzzy cat named Oreo?

–3) Sunflowers. My favorite are when I see them in the fields. Hundreds of them, all yellow and happy. But anywhere– I don’t care where I see them; I always love them. They remind me of my sisters and special friends too.

And YOU? What are your 3 things?

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3 Responses to 3 Things

  1. Melissa says:

    I don’t know what mine would be..hmm

  2. gigipoo says:

    Thanks Wendy!!! I love the beach (well, I love the lake) too!

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