Hey Tuesday 9-1-15

I can’t believe it is already September! Back to School time or la rentrée as they call it in France. Start of Fall, even though Labor Day is late this year.

I just love how the cats get extra cuddly in the cooler weather.

photo of a white and black cat All My Images are Share-able

And Fall with its cooler weather means more baking! YES! And our Oreo (see the cuteness above) sits near the kitchen with his little nose in the air, basking in the smell of melted butter. He loves that. Well, who doesn’t love butter?

I baked yesterday and it felt so good. It was about 90 degrees, so I had to wait until after dinner to use the oven. I made madeleines with locally-produced acacia flower honey. Golden yum. Both the batter and the finished product were good! (I hate when the finished product is not as good as raw batter, don’t you?).

batter in madeleine tray

I hope you have the chance to make something homemade as September gets started. Everyone loves something homemade- ♥

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