After Your Houseguests Have Gone


Your guests are gone. The house is quiet and empty. It’s still. The cats have come out of their hiding places and things are falling back into the usual routine.


Here are Some Ideas for After Your Houseguests Leave:

  • Make Sure They Arrived Safely (and without too much hassle!) to their New Location.  Just ask them to text, email or call. Simple.
  • Tidy Up Your Home. Yep. It’s true. You just cleaned and organized everything for your guests’ arrival,…but now you need to RE-clean and RE-organize all over again. You’ll have lots of laundry (sheets and towels). You’ll have to vacuum and wash the floors. Put everything back to the way it was before.
  • Send Photographs and/or Videos. Download all the photos and videos you took while they were visiting and send them over to your guests! Ask them to send you theirs once they have had a few days to get their lives back to normal.
  • Send a “Wish You Were STILL Here” Postcard. You miss them already? I always do. Send a postcard to let them know! You can download mine right here: STILLHereCard

Wish You Were Still Here Postcard

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12 Responses to After Your Houseguests Have Gone

  1. Colleen B says:

    This is a thoughtful list.:) I’m sure your guests feel well cared for!

  2. Marsha lynch says:

    Gosh, I haven’t had any guest lately, but I felt myself exhale as I read your tips. Nice post.

  3. I’ve never thought about sending a “wish you were here” card. That’s an awesome idea.

  4. Monica Bruno says:

    You always have the best ideas, Gigi. I don’t know why your guest would ever want to leave your home. I’d just love all the incredible hospitality so much, I’d move in! 😉

  5. I love your tips especially the Wish You Were Still Here postcards. It’s a nice change from the typical, “Thank you for being a guest at my home” cards. You are a very thoughtful host =) Speaking of hosts, thank you for linking up with us on Welcome Home Wednesday. We’d love for you to come party with us again in the future!

  6. I so appreciate you sharing your post at the #AnythingGoes Link Party. I’m looking forward to what you’ll share with us next week.

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