How Was Your Thanksgiving?

So,…Tell Me! How Was Your Thanksgiving?

How Was Your Thanksgiving? Celebrate Your Successes

Have You Recovered from Thanksgiving Yet?

I know. It’s a lot of work to host Thanksgiving. I love it, but it can be tough!

For me, I had a vision in my head of exactly how I wanted everything to be.  And, then,…I made a pie only a mother could love. It was the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree of pies.  I had practiced it the week before and it came out great. This time,…not so much! Silly to let an ugly pie upset you, isn’t it? But, I must admit, I was disappointed. It didn’t fit my dream Thanksgiving table.  I panicked and got insecure. But I had friends assure me that I had to just let it go because really the most important thing was spending the evening with friends— that is what Thanksgiving is all about. Really, in the scheme of things its just a few forkfulls of pie! So,…I pushed most (but not all) of my insecurities aside, and just blushed a bit when serving “the ugly pie”.

But guess what? My “ugly pie” was really good.  Honestly, it was one of the big success of the meal!

We had another great success too. A month before Thanksgiving, we gathered and cooked chestnuts. Then we soaked them in a combination of sugar water and brandy for one month. My husband reduced the liquid from the maceration and we poured it over vanilla ice cream and ate the brandied chestnuts on the side. Genius! (We followed this RECIPE by John Wright)

How did it all go for you? Was your holiday everything you hoped for? Did you do some new things that were just perfect that you want to repeat for next year? What did people absolutely love? Are there things you would change for next year?

I made you a Printable. Yep. Here it is. Both regular PDF and Editable PDF.

Thanksgiving Review 2015

Click  to download the “regular” PDF file: Thanksgiving Review

Click to download the “Editable” PDF file: Thanksgiving Review EDITABLE

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I hope you had a great Holiday!



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4 Responses to How Was Your Thanksgiving?

  1. Monica Bruno says:

    I’m sorry your pie didn’t look the way you wanted it to, Gigi, but it was still delicious and that’s what’s important. It also makes for a great memory. “Remember that pie I made that looked bad, but tasted great and everyone loved it?” Yep, that’s what you’ll remember! My husband returned from Singapore on Friday, so we had two Thanksgiving dinners. It was good, I just can’t believe it’s already over. Time flies by faster faster each year!

    • gigipoo says:

      Yeah! Thanks Monica! You are so right! Two Thanksgivings! Wow! We had Thanksgiving dinner and then people over for lunch (using leftover turkey) on Sunday. My husband is still eating turkey 🙂

  2. Sherry says:

    Ours went well. It is a simple affair. I cook turkey, sides, rolls, and pie. The best part was that evening we watched the new Vacation movie and laughed and laughed. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

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