5 Simple Ways to Connect Across the Miles

A Warm Hello: 5 Simple Ways to Connect Across the Miles

Ever miss someone all the time? All. The. Time. Yep, me too. It’s so hard to move away from good friends and family.  But there are easy ways to remain connected across the miles until you can meet again in person.

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1. Take Advantage of Technology to Connect:

  • type out an email (so easy!)
  • write a text message
  • send a FB message
  • tweet!
  • share a FB photo (www.facebook.com/awarmhello)
  • add a cute FB sticker or FB GIF (I’m loving the FB GIFs right now, especially this Snow White Baking Scene!) to your FB message
  • Use Skype, Face Time or Google Hangouts

2. RING! RING!  Set aside some time and make an old-fashioned phone call to check in with each other and get caught up on all the latest news in each others’ lives.

3. Send a Card or Postcard by Mail. Create your own or spend time browsing in a store for the perfect one. Or, use mine. Yep, I made you two! Download MissYouCards. Download, print, mail, smile.

A Warm Hello: Miss You Cards

4. Share Your Travels! When you are traveling or visiting some place unique, send a postcard and let them know “Wish You Were Here!” (and don’t forget to post photo updates on FB!)

 5. SURPRISE! Pick out a book you think they would enjoy and have it shipped to their house (or their Kindle) as a surprise! You don’t have to wait for birthdays to send a special little something. Who doesn’t like a surprise?

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6 Responses to 5 Simple Ways to Connect Across the Miles

  1. Monica Bruno says:

    Love this post, Gigi! It’s so easy to stay in touch with today’s technology (and meet new friends ;)). I can’t remember the last time I received an actual postcard in the mail, that’s a great idea and a nice little way to say “I’m thinking about you.”

  2. Gigi, these are some great ideas. We have so gotten away from telephone calls and personal mail. I miss good old fashioned mail. A cute little card is such a nice, thoughtful gesture. I love the book idea. That is just fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing with #UpsyDaisyLinkup!
    Regina L. L. Wells recently posted…Upsy Daisy Linkup 3My Profile

    • gigipoo says:

      Thank you so much for hosting Regina! I know,…I still love old-fashioned mail! But, I so rely on FB and email! We are lucky we have so many options!

  3. Sue Burpee says:

    One of the things I’ve found is how my blog has helped me stay in touch with family and friends, or more particularly how they can stay in touch with me. Particularly my 88 year old mum who lives a ten hour drive away from me. She mastered the laptop at 84 and subscribes to my blog by e-mail. She says she has learned so much about me and my life in ways that never come up in normal conversation. I love how she reads a post and then calls me to tell me she has read it. Blogging has also helped me reconnect with old friends with whom I had lost touch. They discovered my blog and reached out in the comments… that was pretty amazing too. I still love a card in the mail, though.

    • gigipoo says:

      Thank you so much for your comment Sue! I need to add blogging to the list!!!! You are so RIGHT! That is awesome that your Mum does that! Thank you so much for your comment— Heading over to your blog right now! 🙂

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