Instead of Resolutions, I’m Making PLANS!

Sitting here reflecting on why I have such a hard time with the concept (and even the word / phrase) of New Year’s Resolutions.

A Warm Hello: Happy New Year! 2016

For ME, resolutions  feel like,…”Well,…this year I failed at XXX / I need to XXX, so next year I resolve to XXX”. It just always makes me feel like a loser, and there is only 1 resolution I have ever kept! I salute YOU if resolutions work for you! You are a better person than me! Definitely.


So, here’s what I’m doing instead: PLANNING. “I’m planning to XXX”. For me, that is all about intentions and positivity. I like it. That is do-able for me. I’ve got PLANS! Yep, some BIG PLANS, and some LITTLE PLANS. I’m going to look at what I want to do and go for it!

I’m also going to have a word of the year. My word is going to be CONFIDENT / CONFIDENCE.


I’m tired of worrying if my pumpkin soup will be good enough. Tired of worrying if a new painting will look good in our house. Tired of doubting.  I need to just trust myself and have CONFIDENCE. Again,…positivity.

I’m ringing in 2016 with positive, happy thoughts of what I can accomplish and experience in the New Year!

Do you have a Word of the Year?

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6 Responses to Instead of Resolutions, I’m Making PLANS!

  1. Confidence – that’s a great word; I will be adding that to my ever-growing list of words to consider for next year. I struggle with wanting others’ approval, and I need to just be more confident in myself.

  2. Beth says:

    Great post! Thanks for sharing.

  3. bevbaird says:

    What a strong word for 2016! So agree with you about resolutions – I love the OLW concept. Thanks for stopping by. Happy New Year!

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