Hello Monday & Happy International Cat Day!

Well, Hello Monday! But, wait, HELLO International Cat Day! That’s a nice way to make a Monday sweeter!

Yep, its Monday again! Just like this time last week! But today is a special Monday! Today is also International Cat Day!

Hello Monday! Come find a photo to share each day of the week on www.facebook.com/awarmhello
In celebration of International Cat Day, I’ve created a few different photos for you to share across social media (they look best on Facebook). 

Celebrate International Cat Day! Give your furry friend some extra love today on August 8th! It's their special day!

AWH International Cat Day

AWH International Cat Day3

AWH International Cat Day4

You can also find out some really cool cat facts here on the International Business Times. Did you know that a group of cats is called a CLOWDER? I don’t think I have ever even heard that word before!

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