Happy National Pastry Day! 12-9-16

Woo hoo! Time to celebrate! Its National Pastry Day!

A Warm Hello: Happy National Pastry Day!

What is YOUR Go-To Pastry Dough? 

For me, right now, I am loving Melissa Clark’s All Butter Pie Dough. But, I’ve added a little trick to the dough. I add a half teaspoon of baking powder to the recipe. I read (also on the NYTimes) that some bakers/chefs add a bit of baking powder to their crusts to lessen shrinkage/cave-ins. I’ll keep doing it. I made 5 of Melissa Clark’s Brandied Pumpkin Pies this season already! But, I am a nervous little pie maker. I have a lot of practice and learning to do!

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What other doughs have you tried? I keep trying Pâte Feuilletée,…but I haven’t quite got it down yet! Maybe its fear! Uhh, and skill and practice! But I am willing to keep trying!

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I recently treated myself to an Emile Henry pie dish. Soooo pretty. So heavy! Between the pie dish and my giant Pumpkin Pie, it must have weighed 8 pounds!

I now have taken over one full drawer in our freezer for my pie doughs and frozen cookie dough. Hubby isn’t thrilled about that and every now and then I find his frozen sausages in there. (He then gets reprimanded).

Baking just makes me super happy.  Some recipes more than others, but for the most part, any day that I can bake is a super happy day!

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Oh Happy Day!

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