Be Generous on World Compliment Day!

originally posted on March 1, 2016 / Updated for March 1, 2017

You are Awesome! Celebrate World Compliment Day on March 1, 2017!

March 1st is WORLD Compliment Day! Its an international day dedicated to giving compliments! How Cool Is That? Its a no-cost, no-worry celebration that was invented just to spread kind words to others! So Be Generous and Enjoy the Day!

Find out more about the special day HERE!

Who Needs a Compliment on World Compliment Day? WE ALL DO.

March 1st is the PERFECT Day to get yourself out there and COMPLIMENT, COMPLIMENT, COMPLIMENT! Be Generous!

You may want to go out of your way to CRAFT something a bit special in honor of the Day. You could deliver your compliment in person, in writing, in an email, a drawing, in a song. (To be in the true spirit of the day, it shouldn’t be a ‘gift’). If you are a bit shy about delivering your compliment, you could write it down and read it to the person. 

Be Yourself & Be Sincere

You could start out using any of these ‘Sentence Starters’:

In honor of World Compliment Day, I wanted to let you know:

Did you know that today is World Compliment Day? Did you know that I think you are really great at:

I’m sure you are getting a lot of compliments today, but I wanted to make sure you knew:

Today is World Compliment Day, so I have X compliments I’d like to give you:

Need Some Place to Write It All Out? I Made You Some Stationary! Just Download and Print! You can CRAFT Your Compliments on it and hand it over to your favorite person! Or, … (hehehe), leave one in a prominent place for someone to fill out for you!

CELEBRATE World Compliment Day. Allow Me To Compliment You

cute dividerHere is a list of 100 Compliments Ready to Deliever Right this Minute by Nataly Kogan that you can USE or USE as a JUMPING OFF POINT! There are some really great ones  😛 .  I might have to steal a couple. Especially the one about the unicorn!

Need some great adjectives to use when crafting your Compliment? Check out this post with a list of Compliment Words by EnkiVillage.

Don't forget to give out compliments on March 1st, World Compliment Day!

Remember Your Favorite Bloggers! Bloggers Love Compliments! Click HERE to find out How To Compliment a Blogger on World Compliment Day.


Enjoy WORLD Compliment Day!

I’ll Start:


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