Join Me for 28 Days of Creativity!

Well, A Warm Hello To Everybody!

This month, I’m hosting a Handlettering Challenge on Instagram around the topic of CREATVITY! Yep, 28 Days of Creativity!

Come join me on Instagram for #28DaysOfCreativity!All you have to do is HANDLETTER the quote/phrase for the specific day and take a photo or digitize/scan your work and post it on Instagram! Tag me @awarmhellolettering and use the hashtag #28DaysOfCreativity! I’ll be able to check out what you do and we can all support each other in a month of CREATIVITY this February!

Join me for #28DaysOfCreativity Handlettering Challenge this February 2018 on Instagram! @awarmhellolettering

Don’t Be SHY! I’m a beginning letterer,…everyone has to start somewhere!

You can do ONE DAY or EVERY DAY! I really want to encourage EVERYONE to participate! If you aren’t sure where to start, just use your own natural handwriting or printing! Just be CREATIVE!

Want some RESOURCES for learning to HANDLETTER or for CALLIGRAPHY? My first recommendation is to take a course/challenge with Becca at The Happy Ever Crafter. This is how I learned the essential strokes and letter formations. Her challenge changed everything for me! After that, I took online courses/classes with Peggy Dean at The Pigeon Letters, Teela at Every Tuesday, Veronica at Two Easles, Lindsey at The Postman’s Knock, and The Unexpected Lettering Course by Kiley from Kiley in Kentucky. Each class helped me immensely! Becca gave me the essential skills (I’m so not perfect!) and Kiley gave me to freedom to use my own style! I love handlettering and I bet you will to!

You can download a PRINTABLE LIST HERE: 28 Days of Creativity Prompts

Join me this month on Instagram for a Handlettering Challenge! #28DaysOfCreativity Click To Tweet

List of Daily Prompts for #28DaysOfCreativity Handlettering Challenge on Instagram @awarmhellolettering

Hope to See You on Instagram!!

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